Data Privacy

Privacy and the Value of Data

The privacy paradox is well known: many people are worried about the amount of personal data that is collected, yet they shy away from measures to reduce the amount of publicly available personal data. We analyze which factors enhance this inconsistency and how the privacy paradox could be mitigated. Hereby, the value assigned to personal data plays an important role.

This research theme was supported by the Collegium Helveticum, an interdisciplinary cooperation of ETH Zurich, University Zurich und Zurich University of the Arts.


  • What do people know about data centers?

    Based on a representative survey, people’s perceptions and fears of data centers are analyzed

  • Can we observe a privacy paradox in Switzerland?

    Based on several samples, individuals’ concerns about privacy violations and their privacy related behaviors are compared

  • Mitigation of the Privacy Paradox Through Higher Privacy Literacy?

    Based on insights from a Lab Experiment with Facebook Users, we analyze whether and how the inconsistencies between privacy concerns and privacy behavior can be mitigated